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DOMO embodies the vision, expectations, and passion of every driver. 

DOMO’s track awakens the emotions while each lap offers a sense of discovery and challenges the driver’s skills.  

Whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or a professional driver looking for track time, DOMO has an individual experience for everyone.


DOMO was developed with the passionate motorsport’s enthusiast in mind. We have built an opportunity for people from all backgrounds to come together and share their experiences away from their professional lives. 


Network, expand business, entertain clients, and decompress while sharing the love for Motorsports.

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About DOMO

Located in the heart of Central Texas, DOMO will be a top-tier motorsports club. DOMO will offer infrastructure to support multiple motorsports disciplines. We will accommodate all of your needs including lodging, climate-controlled garage storage, corporate and private events, motorsports education and training, and private track time. 


Our goal is to offer a safe, world-class Motorsports Club.  The track will be built to comply with standards set forth by Motorsport’s top governing bodies such as: FIA, IMSA, SCCA, NASA, NASCAR… 

First class accommodations embrace our members and guests with personal attention to detail.

About DOMO off-road

Located on a 260-acre ranch in Gatesville, Texas, DOMO's off-road branch is expanding to serve racers in surrounding areas such as Waco, Temple, and even Georgetown. 


Our off-road services include an exciting 10 mile trail with significant elevations that will raise your pulse and invigorate your inner self.  The off-road course offers 2 high speed RallyCross tracks, and the very technical/dynamic exercise trail with boulders and obstacles.

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